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Employment Practices Liability Insurance

This morning I heard a story on public radio about the growth in “Employment Practices Liability Insurance,” a special policy that protects a workplace against sexual harassment claims. The article (available at https://www.marketplace.org/2016/08/08/world/insurance-against-claims-sexual-harassment-companies-are-buying-it), indicates that the popularity of these policies grew after Anita Hill testified before Congress about sexual harassment. Now with Roger Ailes in the news amid multiple allegations of sexual harassment at Fox News, this form of insurance is again a topic of conversation.

Roger Ailes has settled with Gretchen Carlson and issued an apology for the way she was treated. Apologies by defendants are rare in the case of settlement, where the settlement document often explicitly states that there will be no admission of wrongdoing on anyone’s part. It is unclear precisely who will pay the cost of the settlement to Carlson.

Hopefully, cases like the one against Ailes will continue to serve as a reminder of the importance of maintaining workplaces that are safe and comfortable places for all people. Nobody should be afraid to come to work.


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