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Phoenix Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Workplace sexual harassment often conjures the “classic” scenario of a male superior abusing his position over a female direct report. Unfortunately, this circumstance still occurs. Sexual harassment incidents, however, can involve a broad range of illegal behaviors. Did you know you may have a claim for sexual harassment if:

  • A co-worker harasses you and makes you uncomfortable?
  • A group of people harasses you, creating a hostile work environment?
  • Your employer ignores your reports of harassment?
  • A superior makes no harassing requests but makes unwelcome sexual comments?

Inappropriate touching, sexual bullying, sexual confiding, stalking and other behaviors can also be methods of sexual harassment.

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Sexual harassment as defined by the law can take one of two forms. The first form involves a tangible loss. For instance, if your superior demands sex in exchange for keeping your job or securing a promotion, and you refuse – and you are demoted or fired or the promotion is denied – you have a tangible loss in the form of lost earnings.

The second form does not necessarily involve a tangible adverse effect, but it is still illegal. If you experience severe or pervasive harassment, suffering from the effects of employee misconduct and a hostile work environment, you may have an actionable harassment claim.

The law office of Robaina & Kresin PLLC, offers experienced and compassionate sexual harassment legal representation by a caring Phoenix employment lawyer. We have provided resolutions to numerous clients victimized by workplace harassment.

We can evaluate your harassment claim, including an investigation of the harassment, workplace response and company anti-harassment policies and procedures. We can pursue outcomes including financial compensation and an order to cease the harassment. We can represent you in court, mediation and direct negotiations with your employer.

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No one deserves to experience the harmful effects of workplace sexual harassment. You should be free to contribute to your workplace without suffering hostility and manipulation. If you feel you are experiencing harassment at work, get help. We are experienced in fighting for and protecting the rights of people in the workplace. Contact a lawyer at Robaina & Kresin PLLC today at 602-682-6450 | 888-881-9890 to discuss your claim.

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