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Phoenix ERISA Benefits Lawyer

Arizona Employee Disability Benefits Attorneys

Do you have a disability that affects your ability to work or requires some accommodations from your employer so you can do your job effectively? If so, hire an experienced Phoenix employment lawyer to protect your rights. Federal law bars employers from discriminating against disabled employees and we can help you make sense of your legal options for holding them accountable.

At the law firm of Robaina & Kresin PLLC, we have experience helping disabled employees throughout Arizona since 1997. We have a deep understanding of the employment law landscape in Arizona and are ready to fight for your rights in state and federal courts throughout the state.

To schedule an appointment with an experienced ERISA benefits and employee disability lawyer, call 602-682-6450 or 888-881-9890 today.

ERISA Benefits

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) covers two primary areas: disability benefits plans and pension plans. If your disability is making it difficult or impossible to carry out the duties of your job, we can help you collect the medical documentation you need to prove your need for short or long-term disability benefits.

Most of these cases are handled outside of court and require you to go through an extensive administrative process. Don’t be overwhelmed by this. We can help you get through the process and make sure your rights are fully protected.

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Because it’s complex and the employer has its own experts to rely on, it is important for you to contact us as soon as possible so we can gather all relevant documents and begin crafting an effective case.

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