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Phoenix Non-Compete Agreement Lawyer

Arizona Restrictive Covenants Attorneys

When you decide to leave a job, you may think you are free to go and work wherever you want, but that is often not the case. Phoenix employment contract issues are a common hassle that can jeopardize you. A non-compete agreement, non-solicitation agreement or other restrictive covenant could prevent you from holding certain jobs or working in a particular industry for a period of time after you leave your current job.

The lawyers of Robaina & Kresin PLLC have been helping employees gain the freedom to choose where to work since 1997. We can review your non-compete agreement and seek to protect your ability to earn a living doing something you love.

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What Can We Do for You?

Many non-compete agreements, non-solicitation agreements and restrictive covenants are put into employment contracts just to make employees think twice about leaving and joining another company. Many of them are too broad and will not hold up under scrutiny.

We can review a contract before you sign it and make sure it meets your needs and protects your rights as an employee. If you are being accused of violating a contract, we can provide you with an aggressive defense.

We handle issues involving all of these agreements, including:

  • Non-compete agreements
  • Non-solicitation agreements
  • Other Restrictive covenants: Other restrictive covenants often cover trade secrets and provisions dealing with confidential information such as company marketing or management schemes.

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